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Space Croissant

pace Croissant
pace Croissant
pace Croissant
  • Space Croissant
  • Material: foam board, motor, thread, black light
  • Year: 1999
  • Place: KHM, Cologne, Germany

Different sized, inclined rings with 21 different layers of axes in this object make up a motif of a rotating croissant, making use of a motor. Since both sides are different colors (the front is blue, the back is purple), it appears as if the colors were sliding vertically due to the revolution. In our day-to-day lives, it is interesting to wonder whether more than half of the images that enter our perception visually are no longer actual objects, but rather converted images sent through a screen or monitor. This piece takes the images that are produced through digital media, and, using material like thread and polystyrene boards, recreates them in real space as three-dimensional analog objects. Spectators who experience the space may, at first glance, feel that they are looking at projected 3D images. Yet, as their vision and auditory senses grow accustomed to the room, they will gradually begin to realize from the faint sound of the motor emitted by the work and rotations that have a subtle lack of stability, and they will take notice of the moving objects in the room. The initial temporal-spatial perception of the piece changes in the brain as the subjects look at the piece, and by representing that correction, this piece aims to pose the question anew – are the images and actions we perceive as natural really so?

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